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Innovation management consulting

Apart from offering the basic business and incubation services, the Step Ri Science and Technology Park of the University of Rijeka aims to become the regional leader in innovation management consulting. It is an innovation “think tank” where both start-ups and established major companies can get first class innovation management support based on up-to-date global best practice. We deliver personalised innovation consulting services for:

  • Creation of disruptive and sustainable innovations – products and services
  • Improvement of existing products/services – customer centered innovation based on outcome driven innovation
  • Innovation from non-consumption – a new market creation based on identification of causes of non-consumption and removal of consumer’s consumption barriers which are usually considered as a necessity in any industry. It can be applied either in the production of goods or in service delivery industries, in B2B or B2C context.
  • Business model innovation – improvement of existing and creation of new business models
  • Innovation commercialisation strategies  – “go to market” and implementation support for innovative products, services and business models, distribution strategies
  • Pricing strategies – development of successful pricing strategies based on cost, perceived or estimated value of the product/service

We created several consulting programmes for support during the establishment of start-ups, new product and service development, scaling-up of existing businesses, IPR protection and commercialisation strategies.

From 2013 to 2017 Step Ri provided consultation to 841 companies, scientists and business start-ups, and organised various events and workshops (160 trainings for more than 3 500 participants).
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