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ATLAS – Adriatic Cultural Tourism Laboratories

Project Description


Atlas tackles one of the main challenges of the region that is valorizing and preserving the rich and varied cultural heritage deeply permeating the CBC area and at the same time supporting the economic development by taking advantage of the heritage of the area in a sustainable way.

In particular, the lack of technological innovation in tourism sector is affecting the sector competitiveness. In this sense, the program area offers the chance to test new innovative solutions to improve the attractiveness of the area, fostering the development of cultural-based economy, able to benefit of outstanding cultural and natural assets, in particular by integrating different tourism products/offers.

Addressing the above, ATLAS will be pioneer in supporting a quadruple-helix based comprehensive supporting framework including demonstrative actions in the environmental and cultural tourism sector.

Project partners:

  • Friuli Innovazione Research and Technology Transfer Centre, Udine, Italy
  • Istrian Development Agency – IDA Ltd. , Pula, Croatia
  • SIPRO Development agency – Ferrara, Italy
  • Tecnopolis Science and Technology Park, Bari, Italy
  • Creative Apulia Cluster Association, Bari, Italy
  • Faculty of Economics and Tourism Dr. MijoMirkovic, Pula, Croatia
  • Regional Union of the Chambers of Commerce of Veneto Region, Venice, Italy
  • STEP RI Science and Technology Park of the University of Rijeka Ltd., Rijeka, Croatia

Project goal: ATLAS is intended to enhance the cultural heritage, emphasizing its role as a factor of attractiveness that may be able to create growth, innovate tourism business models, create employment and contributing to a general improvement in the quality of life, making more sustainable the exploitation of the territories and of their peculiarities.

Project duration: 18 months (01.01.2018. – 30.06.2019.)

Funding programme: Interreg Italy-Croatia

Project budget: 964.933,48 EUR

STEP RI budget: 82.123,48 EUR

Programme’s fund: 69.804,95 EUR



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