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SLIM – Stimulating Learning for Idea-to-Market


Project Description

SLIM-ideas to market

Stimulating Learning for Idea-to-Market is a two-year EU-funded project implemented in 2012–14 under the Lifelong Learning Programme (Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation). This project addresses Leonardo priorities, as it works on personal, industrial, national and EU scales. It directly addresses personal development aims, as it will train and support staff in the acquisition and use of knowledge and skills.

Fostering entrepreneurship is widely considered as a condition for economic growth and thus a smoother transition towards a more prosperous economy is ensured. Several studies underlined the gap between the supply and demand of knowledge, both in quantity and relevance, often resulting in a deficit of business skills and competences. The SLIM project has been developed to bridge this gap.

Project results

SMEs Needs Analysis

The goal of the survey of SMEs in the partners’ countries was to examine entrepreneurial and innovative activities and identify learning needs and appropriate assistance. The survey results showed the need for more support on how to protect and commercialise ideas, which was taken into account when developing the online course.


The eCourse aims at helping small businesses to commercialise their ideas and introduce new products to the market and is available in Croatian, Polish and English. It is complemented by a set of supporting materials for the entrepreneurs undertaking the training. The eCourse can be accessed at: http://www.e-sgh.com/slim/

How to Guide for Trainers

Guidebook for trainers and users of the eCourse.

Case Studies

Five case studies derived from the SLIM experience.

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